Company - Overview

M4Com is a software company involved in the development of challenging solutions for geo-data visualisation, distribution and processing in dispersed environments. Object-orientated development, dispersed computing, advanced computer graphics and very precise geodetical calculations are part and parcel of M4Com's software solutions.

M4Com's geodetical component technology offers an open solution for manipulating and visualizing georeferenced data that stretches from desktop to multi-levelled client-server architecture. M4Com products are used by leading companies for reconnaissance, command & control, remote sensing, transport & logistics and factory management.


M4Com in its new location was founded in March 2000. During the following year, M4Com launched its first version of the VISCO software component. The successful deployment of VISCO by NATO and EADS, as well as outstanding suitability test results by the Fraunhofer Institute, demonstrated the unique strengths of the product in comparison to traditional GIS solutions.

Since the launch of this product, M4Com has continued to expand its research and development activities and is now in a position to offer a large number of additional high-performance components. M4Com recently launched a new marketing and distribution program, which, with the help of different key accounts, will be implemented for each of the markets. M4Com's customer base has been growing ever since.


Our mission is to develop an open component-based software technology that makes it possible to visualize, distribute and process geographical data in information networks.

Our objective is to cater for the specific needs of our customers, such as integrating spatial data into enterprise business systems. Our products and future developments offer all fully scalable GIS functionalities with incredible depth in terms of application options.

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