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Our software and services help to acquire data from drone inspections and to analyse and interpret it in detail. For example, factory sites, railway lines, pipelines or other infrastructure elements can be monitored in real time and hazards or damage detected at an early stage – in this way, we simplify infrastructure maintenance and prevent costly and dangerous complications.

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Our portfolio for industrial organisations

  • MAuS

    With the help of MAuS, our cross-functional system for supporting processes in the field of industrial surveillance, critical infrastructure such as railway lines, pipelines and high-voltage power lines can be effectively monitored. Additionally, MAuS provides the option of measuring distances and checking compliance with building regulations in road construction.

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    Thanks to VIDIS, live streams of objects or areas to be protected can be provided and distributed in order to obtain a precise overview. All generated data streams are automatically saved and can be used for change detection and as evidence in legal proceedings, among other things.

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    Thanks to automated processing of raw data, SITACO enables real-time monitoring and analysis of the infrastructure, which can then be provided with context-dependent information and graphics, for example.

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Our services

  • Installation

    We deliver fully equipped vehicles, containers or complete command centers from single-user to data center size, adapted to your respective application.

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  • Research & Development

    We have been contributing to various studies for years, using our existing infrastructure such as laboratories with training, test and reference facilities.

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  • Training & Support

    From the initial idea to smooth operation, we support and train you for each of our products.

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