• Crypto Device

The M4Com Crypto Device software module is used for encrypted, bi-directional communication between two processing systems connected to the MCD 2-1/1 Crypto Device modules. The device is used in the context of sending or forwarding a live video export stream or data as well as for de-coupling systems relevant to flight approval from processing systems through an integrated data diode. Accordingly, the CrytoDevice ensures end-to-end encryption for the secure transmission of sensitive information via public communication networks or radio transmissions.

The MCD 2-1/1 Crypto Device module has two operating modes, which can run simultaneously. Mode 1 establishes a secure encrypted network connection between the internal Ethernet network inputs (network RJ45 INT) of two MCD 2-1/1 Crypto Device modules in 2 separate stations. Mode 2 distributes data unidirectionally present at the internal diode network input (Diode IN INT) to the internal network connection (network RJ45 INT) and to the external encrypted network connection (network LWL EXT).

Conceptual structure

Establishing authenticity and connectivity via public key procedures: TLS handshake with authentication using certificates and RSA key exchange)

Establishment of confidentiality and integrity via underlying automated and non-intrusive symmetric encryption (AES).

Crypto Device im Detail

Crypto Device

  • Encryption and decryption of a live export video data stream
  • Feedback-free decoupling of data transmitters (BKS)
  • Transparent data encryption between two communication partners
  • Completely non-invasive handling in operational mode
  • Possible use of BW infrastructure (installation in SAK, use of ELO-GM fibre optic cable)

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