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Leading through information! We offer complete mission systems for effective coordination of forces: Proven in action worldwide and internationally accredited.
Through the automated synchronisation of several connected systems, all those involved have access to all collected information at all times and can make the best possible decisions based on real-time, up-to-date data.

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Our portfolio for defence forces

  • MAuS

    MAuS has been successfully deployed in both fixed or mobile ground reconnaissance centres and is linked to the German Army’s Command, Control and Weapons Engagement System (FüWES) for processing tasks and reporting back results.

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    Thanks to VIDIS, live streams can be provided and distributed from operational areas to get an accurate overview. All generated streams are automatically saved and can be made available in real time to different users for analysis.

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    Through SITACO, raw data as well as information is analysed in real time and creates a situation picture that can be passed on very quickly from regional command centres to headquarters.

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Klaus Rohde

Programme Manager +49 (0) 7553 9175-13

Our services

  • Installation

    We deliver fully equipped vehicles, containers or complete command centers from single-user to data center size, adapted to your respective application.

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  • Research & Development

    We have been contributing to various studies for years, using our existing infrastructure such as laboratories with training, test and reference facilities.

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  • Training & Support

    From the initial idea to smooth operation, we support and train you for each of our products.

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