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Rescue, extinguish, recover, protect: With software and services from M4Com, the planning, assignment and coordination of emergency services in the event of a fire becomes even faster and more effective. Thanks to an up-to-date, detailed picture of the situation on the ground, both the optimal approach routes for vehicles and the danger situation can be rapidly determined. A clear overview of the situation ensures operations are carried out more effectively and can help save lives.

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Our portfolio for fire brigades

  • MAuS

    In the event of a disaster, the situation can be presented in detail with the help of MAuS. The system also helps to analyse damage quickly and effectively and to create a clear basis for decision-making.

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    Thanks to VIDIS, live streams can be provided and distributed in disaster areas to get an accurate overview. All generated streams are automatically saved.

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    SITACO is a cloud-based web application that aims to provide real-time situational awareness and save time and lives during rescue operations.

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    We deliver fully equipped vehicles, containers or complete command centers from single-user to data center size, adapted to your respective application.

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    We have been contributing to various studies for years, using our existing infrastructure such as laboratories with training, test and reference facilities.

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    From the initial idea to smooth operation, we support and train you for each of our products.

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