• LinkFinity
    Full Duplex IP Stream and Control Data Link

For airborne reconnaissance systems, LinkFinity offers an optimised broadband air-to-ground
connection when no other suitable datalink is available. Providing users with a reliable and resilient datalink for transmitting and receiving multiple IP / sensor streams and sensor control data.

Typical applications for LinkFinity are the passing of hand control commands to an airborne sensor gimbal or extracting data elements from different input sources to combine them into a new output stream.

The Full Duplex IP Line-of-sight (LOS) datalink offers a configurable transceiver solution for airborne and ground-based operations. It provides the ability to control EO/IR sensors, radar or other sensors with extremely low latency. It also enables encoding and transmission of multiple full HD video streams in parallel with other sensor data sources at a data rate of up to 31 Mbps. The ground station delivers encoded audio and video streams. LinkFinity acting as a counterpart to the ADT, the interface for converting and/or manipulating data.

LinkFinity in detail:


  • Bi-directional full duplex wideband multi-channel link
  • Bi-directional IP Bridge
  • Transmission range > 200km (108 NM under optimal conditions)
  • Parallel live streaming of downlink data from multi sensors and other data sources
  • Simultaneous control of airborne sensors via the uplink

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