• MAuS
    Multi-INT Data
    Exploitation System

MAuS is a multifunctional system for supporting processes in the field of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions as well as in tactical, operational or strategic deployment scenarios. The software is widely used by defence and security organisations in both fixed and deployable ground exploitation centres.

MAuS supports a wide range of military and industry standards. Among other NATO STANAGs, MAuS supports STANAG 4559 AEDP-17 (CSD – Coalition Shared Database), AEDP-18 (Streaming CSD) and AEDP-19 (ISR Workflow). In addition, image data in STANAG 4545, video data according to STANAG 4609 and GMTI data according to STANAG 4607 can be analysed.

    • The MAuS software solution contains modules for tasking, collection, processing, exploitation and dissemination of a range of multi-sensor data including Electro-optical (EO), Infrared (IR), Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI), Video Stream and Signal Intelligence (SIGINT)
    • MAuS enables the processing and analysis of raw data generated by various sensors on manned or unmanned aerial reconnaissance platforms (UAS/RPAS) as well as land- or marine-based platforms
    • Radar systems (e.g. AGS, J-Stars, Horizon, Pico-SAR)
    • Military annotation – creating, editing, overlaying and managing annotations Fusion, Analysis, Processing, Process Integration, Image Processing, Forensic Analysis, Terrain Analysis

MAuS is suitable for

Situational awareness

With the help of MAuS’s visualisation tools, display functions and tactical symbols one can create a meaningful and comprehensive overview of the situation.

Mission planning

MAuS provides support in carrying out operations according to general command principles, in particular in planning and supporting missions

Coordination of armed forces

In order to simplify the organisation of operations in dangerous situations and to make the operation more efficient, MAuS provides suitable options for command, communication, supply and logistics.

Intelligence report generation

With the help of the integrated chat tool and the connection to a C2 system, images, video clips and reports can be exported as georeferenced files.

Multi-sensor data processing

MAuS can handle video livestreams from different sensors as well as their corresponding metadata.

Receiving and processing mass data

When generating large amounts of data from different sources, MAuS analyses the information to gain new insights.

MAuS in detail:

MAuS Multi-INT Data Exploitation System

  • Mission planning, command and control of operational forces
  • Real-time exploitation and analysis of sensor data
  • Live raw data and situation display
  • Tasking, processing and dissemination of information obtained
  • Intelligence reports in standard formats

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