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We support our customers with interoperable software and cloud technology that offers a wide range of options for processing data, video streams and metadata from a wide variety of sources: from tasking, collection, transmission, processing and fusion (merging) to encryption, visualisation, exploitation, storage and dissemination (distribution) in real time to information networks and command centres in real time.

Always fast, always reliable, always safe – that’s our mission.

M4Com solutions cover the entire TCPED* operational cycle:

      • Mission Planning and Tasking: planning, generation and transfer of orders
      • Mission Control: operation and control of different sensors
      • Command and Control: coordination and control of forces or units
      • Collaboration: joint exploitation in teams within a network
      • Exploitation and Analysis: evaluation and fusion of raw sensor data in real time
      • Reporting, Messaging: transfer, reporting and export of raw data and generated products in standard formats
      • Live Situational Awareness: immediate display of sensor data and the resulting situation
      • Big Data: storage, processing and distribution of mass data in real time
      • Network-centric operations and management

     * TCPED: Tasking, Collection, Processing, Exploitation, Dissemination

Our solutions for your process chain

  • MAuS

    MAuS is a cross-functional system for supporting processes in the field of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions. It is also successfully used in tactical, operational or strategic mission scenarios.

    #Lage representation #Evaluation #ISR #STANAG #CSD #Orthofoto #Live #Geo tool

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    VIDIS is a Big Data real-time streaming server that ingests streaming data from a variety of sensors. VIDIS is used for data analysis, utilisation and monitoring by providing seamless data-sharing, time- and location-accurate access to the data.

    #Video streaming #Real time data #Evaluation #Drones #Data #Big data #STANAG #Metadata

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    The VISCO software component was designed to create software systems for the visualisation of geodata with minimal effort. With VISCO it’s possible to obtain high-end image representation with just a few tasking instructions and clicks. Easy integration, high performance and maximum interoperability are the cornerstones of VISCO.

    #Geodata #Image editing #Python #Java #STANAG #Measurement data

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    SITACO is a cloud-based web application that aims to save time during rescue operations, making them more efficient. Acquired data is transmitted via secure wireless technologies and creates situational awareness in real time – saving time and saving lives.

    #Crisis management #Fire brigade #Rescue forces #drone #Cloud #Communication #Disaster management #Lage representation

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  • LinkFinity

    For the rapid flow of data from airborne reconnaissance systems to ground control stations. LinkFinity provides an optimised broadband communication system (both down- and uplink) for transmitting multiple IP/sensor streams and control data. Typical applications include passing hand control commands to an airborne sensor gimbal or extracting and recombining data elements from different input sources.

    #Broadband communication #Gimble #LongRange #Data transmission #LOS-Datalink #bidirectional #Point-to-point #Radio interface

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  • Crypto Device

    Our Crypto Device module makes it possible to securely transmit sensitive information via public communication networks or radio by means of bidirectional encryption using TLS handshake, RSA key exchange and certificate authentication.

    #Encryption #ITsecurity #Fibre optic cable #BSI #Data diode #DataTransmission #mobile #BKS

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