• Research & Development
    Because good is not good enough.

We have been contributing to various studies for years, using our existing infrastructure such as laboratories with training, test and reference facilities.

M4Com research studies cover a range of topics from Service Stack, Central Service for Validation of STANAG 4607/4609/4545/L16 to IT security and Data Transmission across Domain Boundaries (especially data streaming) to Big Data, and Connection of Legacy Systems to the Service Stack / Federation via Adapter Systems.


M4Com participates in national and NATO working groups and contributes to standards in various fields such as interoperability, geodesy, software architecture, etc.

Standards reviews and accreditations

The STANAG standards developed in the NATO MAJIIC series (Multi-sensor Aerospace-ground Joint ISR Interoperability Coalition) and its predecessors as well as their implementation rules are the basic prerequisite for auditable interoperability in networked operations.

In addition to maintaining the standards, we are able to test the STANAG conformity of interfaces using suitable tools.

We create test instructions for a wide range of standards and develop tools for analysing and testing STANAG conformity for, among others

  • STANAG 4545 (NSIF)
  • STANAG 4559 (CSD)
  • STANAG 4609 (video)
  • STANAG 4607 (GMTI)
  • STANAG 5516 (Link16)

Other services

  • Installation

    We supply fully equipped vehicles, containers or ready-made command centres from single-user to data centre size, adapted to your particular application.

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  • Training & Support

    From the initial idea to smooth operation, we support and train you for each of our products.

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