Situation Tasking Communi┬şcation

SITACO is a web-based application which is used by emergency services (fire brigades, ambulance and civil defence organisations for supporting & coordinating disaster response operations.
SITACO allows the rapid transmission of data gathered from drones and other information sources using either secure LTE, satellite communications or other wireless technologies to provide rescue teams with real-time situational awareness during crisis response operations.

Cloud technology allows SITACO to provide all actors with a real-time, accurate situational picture of the crisis area. Using standardised symbols and text SITACO is used to support rapid and coordinated decision-making.

SITACO software modules are optimised for the process of professional leadership support and offer a selection of functionalities that can be modified or configured according to customer needs.

SITACO Services

      • Automated information retrieval from image and video streaming data derived from drone-based detection sensors
      • Automated processing of raw data and enhancement using contextualized information and graphics
      • Role-based access control (RBAC)
      • Pre-arranged configuration for operations
      • Transfer of rights (permissions) from command centre to chief of operations
      • IT-Security and DSGVO compliant


In order to carry out successful missions SITACO offers a versatile situational depiction function. The situation display consists of different information layers and a geographic editor to create overlays and add situation symbols.

      • Designation of DV 102 tactical symbols as used by German fire brigades
      • Vector primitives, forms and images
      • Mission, image, video and product management and 3D measurement
      • Automatic creation of image panoramas and 3D models
      • Web-based application as responsive design

    Automatic creation of image panoramas and 3D models

SITACO is suitable for

Situation reports

By applying proven visualisation tools, techniques and tactical signs in SITACO, M4Com has created a tool for meaningful and comprehensive situational awareness.

Dispatching of rescue teams

SITACO provides support to control room dispatchers in responding to emergency calls and directing rescue teams according to general leadership principles.

Coordination of emergency units

In order to simplify the coordination of operations, making them more effective in hazardous situations, SITACO provides functions and options for command, communication, supply and logistics.

Multi-sensor data processing

The system offers access to video live streams of different sensors and their corresponding metadata.

Multi-user & Multi-mission

SITACO makes it possible to manage several operations in parallel. At the same time, it is possible at any time to include additional rescue units and to rescale the workflow.

Cloud application

SITACO offers open, hardware-independent web applications that run on tablets, mobile phones and PCs. No installation is necessary for the cost-effective operator model.

SITACO in detail:

SITACO – Situation Tasking Communication

  • Deployment planning and management
  • Control of sensors from the ground
  • Command and control of emergency units
  • Support in the rapid processing of tasking
  • Live situation display

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