Video Image and
    Data Distribution

VIDIS is a big data, real time-streaming server which intakes streaming data from a variety of sensors, transcodes the data if required and makes it available to multiple users across the network. VIDIS is used for data analysis, exploitation and surveillance by providing seamless frame, time and location accurate access to the data.

VIDIS provides services for military use, the task of which is to accept data from sensors, transcode it if necessary and make it available to various users in real time in an optimal, network-efficient manner. Via various open and standardised interfaces (e.g. STANAG 4609), VIDIS provides its services on both the sensor and client side.

As a back-end system VIDIS can be used either stand alone or fully integrated in the Coalition Shared Database environment. VIDIS supports NATO STANAG 4559 AEDP-18 “ISR Streaming Services” and provides the corresponding services. VIDIS is an IP-based interactive “Video on Demand” network solution that allows access to up to 80 Terabyte of data available to users in the basic configuration.

The range of uses for VIDIS extends from military, police and humanitarian operations to technical emergencies, surveying to environmental protection – wherever special parameters and conditions need to be monitored and compared.

VIDIS Services

    • STANAG 4609 “NATO Digital Motion Imagery Format” compliant
    • Supports STANAG 4559 AEDP-18 NATO Standard ISR Streaming Services
    • Supports other formats with proprietary video and metadata codecs, including conversion to STANAG compliant metadata
    • Search capabilities using metadata and spatial attributes
    • Query mechanism to detect live video streams
    • On-demand and automated streaming of STANAG 4609 FMV streams (Unicast / Multicast) for streams and clips


Customer interfaces for specialised sensor systems

    • Native system support

    • Native sensor support

VIDIS is suitable for

Situational awareness

By providing video streams for evaluation, monitoring and forwarding to other locations, VIDIS contributes significantly to a meaningful and comprehensive overview of the situation.

Coordination of armed forces

In order to simplify the organisation of operations in hazardous situations and to make it more efficient, VIDIS provides suitable options for command, communication, supply and logistics.

Multi-sensor data processing

The system offers the possibility to handle video live streams of different sensors as well as their metadata in parallel.

Intelligence report

Through the connection to various guidance systems, video streams and video clips can be exported and georeferenced.

Receiving and processing mass data

When large amounts of data are generated from different sources, VIDIS processes and analyses them to provide better quality and new insights.

VIDIS in detail:

VIDIS Video Image and Data Distribution Service

  • Video, image, signal & meta data distribution
  • Scalable processing and storage units in distributed environments
  • Cloud native, virtual machine capable
  • Processing Service and Analytics Interface
  • Online backup and archiving

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