Visualisation component

M4Com’s VISCO geographic visualisation tool provides the user with raster and vector data together with their spatial reference, geodetic data and map projections in a variety of display settings. VISCO provides a high-end image display with editing functions as well as map display with positional functionality.

Use & Functionality

VISCO functions as either a stand-alone application or integrated into an existing application via CORBA API. The OpenGL-based graphic engine is available or configurable for all major display formats, whereby the component can be extended and adapted according to user needs.

VISCO provides the overlay of spatial correlated vector and raster layers – up to Gigabyte-sized raster images. The time module adds a fourth dimension: allowing sufficient time to load and display base information including a range of replay options such as single step, forward and reverse playback mode with time compression/expansion or fixed delay between measurements.

VISCO is suitable for

situation display

With the support of VISCO’s proven visualisation tools, techniques and tactical signs one can create a meaningful and comprehensive situational overview.

Deployment planning

VISCO provides support in controlling operations according to general command principles - particular for planning and executing missions.

Coordination of emergency response units

In order to simplify the organisation of operations in hazardous situations and to make it more efficient, VISCO provides suitable options for command, communication, supply and logistics.

VISCO in detail:

VISCO visualisation component

  • Rapid image display with image editing functions
  • Map display in 2D/3D (VISCO 3D) with positioning function
  • Combined with a GIS to provide geographical evaluation
  • Integration of a range of data formats
  • Display of time-related data (e.g. visualisation of a temporal course/history)

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Hugh Sinclair

Sales Manager +49 (0) 7553 9175-23

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