Video Image and Data Distribution Service (VIDIS)

VIDIS is a big data, real time-streaming server which intakes streaming
data from a variety of sensors, transcodes the data if required and makes it available to multiple users across the network. VIDIS is used for data analysis, exploitation and surveillance by providing seamless frame, time and location accurate access to the data.The live streaming server processes videos, images, GMTI and signal (SIGINT) data in
standard access formats or creates them from proprietary input data.

Real-time streaming solution:

  • Accepts streaming video, image and data from various sensors, transcodes the data
  • Optimised for video exploitation and surveillance with frame-accurate access to data
  • Handles images and data in standard access formats
  • Provides open standard interfaces, available to both video providers and consumers
  • Operated either as a stand-alone module or fully integrated into a Coalition Shared Database
  • Metadata for each frame or image can be quickly accessed via CSD.
  • IP-based interactive data-on-demand solution, offering unlimited, real-time access to 80 TB and more

Download: VIDIS Video, Image and Data Distribution Service